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Starjack Entertainment partners Deborah Louise Robinson and Pamela S. K. Glasner are about ready to get all dolled up to paint the town pink – yes, pink, not red! – ever since their distributor, SnagFilms Inc. of New York City, informed them that their documentary film, “Last Will and Embezzlement”, would be broadcast across the US via seven of the largest platforms, meaning as of this week, the movie is now available to an audience of approximately 200 million.  
The platforms are Comcast, iTunes, Verizon, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, and xBox, all of which are available immediately, except xBox, which is coming in just a few weeks.
“If anyone had ever told me,” Glasner laughed, “just three short years ago, that I, along with a woman I met on Facebook, who lives 3000 miles away, in another country, on another continent, would make a movie and it would be broadcast by the largest cable company in the United States, let alone seven companies, I’d have told them they were nuts!” 
But that’s precisely what happened.  “Last Will and Embezzlement”, which takes on the ever-burgeoning problem of elder financial exploitation, has been making waves nationwide since it was launched at the Quad Cinema on West 13th Street in Manhattan on April 13th, 2012.  It is being utilized as a teaching tool by such notable institutions and organizations as Penn State Law School, the Utah State Law Library, Wells Fargo Advisors, Area Agencies on Aging across the country, as well as banks, insurance companies, law offices … and the list goes on. 
Robinson’s reaction was equally excited and animated:  “That this, our first film, should be accepted by America’s most prestigious networks is just amazing! Because of the importance of the subject matter, I could not be more delighted that millions upon millions of people will have the opportunity to see our film - and learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones.”
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